Anonymous asked:

Hi ! Quick question. How does your wife feel about you piercing other women's private areas ?! >.<

5pointleo answered:

This is a great question actually.  My wife is a very confident woman and we have an exceptionally strong relationship.  I honestly do not think she looks at what I do any different than I do.  I am a professional and I’m here to provide a professional service.  This service happens to be in the vein of enhancing sexual confidence and enjoyment.  My goal is to make my customers super comfortable and create an environment where they can be open and honest with me about what they want, without having to worry about being judged or public about it.

Preach it!



My response to cultural appropriation and body modification industry….a conversation initiated by Alan Vedge..

Dear Alan, I appreciate you initiating a conversation like this .. It is also my hope that you read this with an open mind and heart…

I am speaking to you from the perspective of a…

Really tired of all this “cultural appropriation” nonsense I’ve been reading about these days. I think Alicia hit it perfect with this response. “symbols don’t belong to anyone”





Has anyone ever flown with a crash pad on an international flight?

About to fly with two in 4 days!

How!? Enlighten us! I need to fly with mine from the U.S. to Australia!

We have two Metolius Bailout crashpads that will be strapped together. This will be the size of a regular baggage and will be carried by my girlfriend. I will carry the 60l bag with all the camping and survival gear in it (all alpine light stuff) and we will each have a small backpack carried on the front with our personnal clothes and items.