I was asked to post some of my favorite pieces that I’ve done so here you go. Most of these are healed or are at least well into the healing process but a few are of fresh piercings as well. These are in no particular order of favorites, just kind of random. It was very difficult to only pick 10 but that’s all Tumblr will allow me to upload in one post.

A.J. Goldman ladies and gentlemen! That’s a lot of talent right there!

also, baller balls




Rockstar Piercing Demonstration

Here’s a quick video of a nostril piercing that Jef put together. It shows all the steps of getting a piercing at one of our shops, from picking out jewelry to letting Jef look up your nose afterwards (the best part). Enjoy!

To most, it looks like a piercing just takes a few seconds to perform. As this video shows, a LOT of work and forethought go into making your piercing the best that it can be!